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Other brand magnetic materials
Other brand magnetic materials
lianxi magnetic materials
Lianxi magnetic materials
  • From the initial use of cheap materials, the quality of the product is not guaranteed, the price is expensive?

  • production environment is humble, the product size of the cut and the size of the need to have a big gap?

  • The surface of the product is rough, there is no glossiness, use less than one year surface will have corrosion phenomenon?

  • Product life is short, less than one year product surface will be blackened?

  • Lianxi chooses the materials that meet the international standard when choosing materials, which is good and cheap;

  • Use the most advanced slicing and cutting equipment to ensure the product size is in the most accurate range;

  • Using the beautiful and practical nickel copper nickel plating layer, three layers of protection, anti-corrosion ability;

  • 72H salt fog, safety and environmental protection, long service life;

Strength, strong research and development production and sales integration
Development, production and sales integration, strong

The production base covers an area of more than 5000 square meters, which is a technology enterprise integrating magnetic material and production and sales of ;

Equipped with professional equipment , precise testing equipment and perfect test experience to ensure product production and quality;

products are rich in products with complete specifications , exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia, Middle East and other countries and regions;

Through strict quality testing, product performance meets national standards
Development, production and sales integration, strong

The original raw materials used are all to the national standard.

Perfect quality management system, production process strictly monitor ensure that all finished products are tested by national inspection department, and quality is guaranteed.

The performance of the products is all , which conforms to the national standard , which can be used and operated in accordance with the regulations for 5 years to more than 10 years.

Cost-effective and tailored to customer needs
Development, production and sales integration, strong

For your different needs, lianxi is tailor-making for you customized product solution.

The company's exquisite manufacturing process, from design, research and development to manufacturing, testing each link to keep improving.

The senior experts of the industry lead professional teams and provide professional technical support throughout the whole process.

360 ° closest perfect after-sales service
Development, production and sales integration, strong

Professional logistics distribution center, ensure product accurate, timely delivery.

Professional technical staff for your free technical consultation service.

Lianxi professional after-sales service visits regularly, 24h quick response.

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Lianxi customer witness

General Manager - Wang total

General Manager - Wang total


Jubilee Magnet strong technical force, the national "Thousands of people plan " and "innovative talents led by the technical team ", can provide free technical support and application guidance!

Customer - Miss Chen

Customer - Miss Chen


Jubilee magnetic explosion-proof strong, good consistency, performance specifications can be arbitrarily set, the price is moderate, saving more than the same type of product cost savings!

Customer - thank you always

Customer - thank you always


Jubilee Magnet professional logistics and distribution center to ensure accurate products, timely delivery Jub…


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Dongguan City Jubilee Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd.

Dongguan City Jubilee Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd.

    Dongguan City Jubilee Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of magnet products. We have the spirit of "professional services, customer first" principle of service, quality service and high standards of high-quality service awareness, won the majority of customers trust and praise.


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How to choose the magnet you need

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